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Healthy food

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Healthy food affects our well-being, because a well-fed person feels much more cheerful and thinks faster.

Everyone wants to be healthy and tries to carefully monitor nutrition. Today, unfortunately, the market is full of fast food, as well as frozen products or fast food, so people are less likely to eat healthy and environmentally friendly vegetables, fruits and so on.

At the moment, modern manufacturers have allocated a whole segment for the niche of healthy eating.

Everyone knows about french fries, hamburgers, sausages in dough and shawarma, which can be bought on every corner; frozen pancakes and pizza, which you just need to heat in the microwave and eat.

But such food contains a lot of carcinogens, processed oil, which is not absorbed by the body, but is immediately deposited in the fat layer and on the walls of blood vessels, cholesterol, but does not contain vitamins and minerals at all.

It is worth remembering that it is best to eat freshly prepared healthy food from natural products, because it contains the most vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy carbohydrates. 

Not sure if you're eating right? 

Keep a food diary and write down everything you eat and drink in it. At the end of the week, think about what was right, and what should have been abandoned for the sake of health.

A few recommendations for a healthy diet

There are several tips that will help to adhere to a healthy diet, and everyone knows them since childhood:

Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits that contain fiber - fiber, which improves digestion and will help to lose a few extra pounds.

Meat is certainly useful, but it is better to replace fatty pork with veal or chicken, which contains more protein and less fat.

Every day you need to eat at least two dairy products, because they are rich in protein and lactic acids, as well as calcium and phosphorus.

Although oil is a fatty product, but it should be in the diet of everyone, it will fill the need for vitamins A and E, as well as omega-3. But only liquid oils are useful: sunflower, olive, linseed and others, but animal, solid oils contain only cholesterol.

The list of healthy foods that you need to eat at least once every 3 to 4 days:

  • Brussels sprouts (contains B vitamins and fiber),
  • prunes and dried apricots (they improve intestinal motility, and they also have a lot of useful carbohydrates and iron),
  • cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley, rice and barley (first of all it is fiber, as well as complex carbohydrates that charge with energy),
  • seafood: fish, sea kale and shellfish (they have a lot of iodine and protein),
  • bollocks
  • bell pepper,
  • greens: parsley, dill, green onions,
  • carrots and beets,
  • apples and pears,
  • tomatoes
  • nuts.


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Mariya Humphrey

Thanks for answering all the questions :) In fact, a lot of interesting things. But it is not clear to the end what and where from.

Aadam Welsh

Where do you get the information for your posts if it's not a secret?

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